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Forensic psychology entails working with the court or its agents in order to provide education, information, evaluation, or services to join psychology and the law.  We offer services to treat, evaluate, and manage those involved in the criminal justice system.  We provide evaluations for the court to answer legal questions, both criminal and civil.  Our staff is experienced in testifying and providing expert witness services.  Whether you are seeking treatment, expert witnesses, evaluations, or consultations, we can provide experience and answers in an ethical and comprehensive way.     

Forensic Treatment services and expert witness

Expert Witness, Consultation, & Evaluation Services

Forensic psychology

What makes forensic treatment different?

Working with the court

When the court or supervising agencies become involved with treatment or evaluation, the goals and referral questions are determined by the court or agency.  The client is the court or the agency, so the individual receiving services must adhere to those goals.  This differs from traditional therapy.  We will provide the services required to help the individual comply with the court for the best outcome and resolution of the issues.  Our treatment services include reports to the court, testimony if necessary, and ethical decision-making.  

Community Safety is a priority

Treating violent and sexually abusive clients requires a focus and commitment to community safety.  We work closely with supervising agencies and provide the client with rules and structure that facilitate management and safety.  We engage in ongoing risk assessments with our clients and intervene when the client's risk rises.  We use polygraph examination to ensure the client is adhering to the rules and restrictions in place.  

Treatment focus and approach

Mandated clients and offenders often present with resistance, deception, and intricate systems of denial, minimization, and rationalization that need to be addressed directly and extensively.  Treatment must also address deep-seated beliefs and values of the offender that facilitate violence and abuse. Behavior, decision-making, and accountability are cornerstones of treatment.   Other non-traditional tools are used in treatment as well, including polygraph examinations and a set of rules and restrictions necessary for safety and management.  


In providing treatment that focuses on safety, management, and cooperation with the court and its agents, collaboration and information sharing are necessary.  Traditional limitations on confidentiality are waived to allow the team to share and gather information to work towards the established goals and ensure the safety of the client and others.

No victims • No excuses


Forensic Treatment Services (FTS) offers group and individual treatment for individuals who have committed violent and sexual offenses.  We offer services to both adolescents and adults who have a history of maltreatment of others regardless of what type.  FTS utilizes polygraph testing and provides evaluations of risks, reunification readiness, and treatment needs and prognosis.  

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