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Valliere & Counseling Associates




Many people suffer from the impact of abuse, trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, depression, grief, family problems, or thoughts, feelings, or behaviors they feel they can't control. Treatment, support, and the facilitation of change can be the key that empower a person to combat the effects of these problems and regain a sense of well-being.


Therapy and counseling are more than just what a friend can offer.  Therapists and counselors are specially trained not only to listen, but to help identify issues contributing to the problems, barriers to change, or souces of trauma, pain, or problem thinking that keep people stuck in the things that hurt them.   

Valliere & Counseling Associates provides direct, honest, educative, and caring treatment for people seeking help for issues of all types.  Our philosophy honors growth, responsibility, non-violence, honesty, and care for oneself and others.  We respect a diversity of lifestyles and relational issues.  Dr. Valliere and her associates specialize in the treatment of victimization and abuse, for adults, adolescents, and children.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Sophie and Sidney pugs in 2018.  However, our office is home to two new very friendly pugs - Stormy and Sunny.  They provide enthusiastic greetings and snorts and grunts (not growls).  They are still young, so prepare for some energy!


Valliere & Counseling is a provider for some insurance plans.  We will assist clients in attaining reimbursement from their insurance.  Please call for your appointment.  Contact Heather Bednar, Office Administrator, for more information at (610) 530-8392.




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