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Dr. Valliere has trained nationally and internation for a wide array of audiences, including law enforcement, clinicians, caseworkers, nurses, judges, prosecutors, social workers, chemical addictions counselors, and more.  She has testified in front of US Congress, Department of Defense, and the Pennsylvania Legislature.  Her clients have included:  US Army, US Navy, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Alberta Crown Prosecutors Office (Canada), National District Attorney's Association, Ontario Police Training Academy, Saskatchewan Law Enforcement, Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment, Dallas Crimes Against Children and Crimes Against Women Conference, Amber Alert/Fox Valley Technical College, Ohio Attorney General's Office, and many more national and local agencies and conferences.


Trainings are offered in 1.5, 2, 3, or 6 hour sessions.  They can be combined and other topics are available. Click any box to download a fuller description of the training.

Personality Disorders and Violence

Understanding the concept of personality disorder and how this disorder serves as a pathway to violence and sexual offending is critical for both clinical and non-clinical practitioners who work with violence.  These disorders and their relationship to violence, including an exploration of the construct of psychopathy are offered.  Trainings on the psychopath are available.

Unmasking the Sexual Offender

These trainings focus on the behaviors, manipulations, and dynamics of sexual offenders.  The information is offered in a practical, understandable way to give the participants an understanding of way sexual offenders "work" and how to identify their methods.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or intimate violence is a complex problem with profound effects on the victims, including the child witnesses.  It is a problem fraught with misunderstanding and confusion about what it is and how to intervene.  These trainings can address the mind and behaviors of the perpetrators, the issues of the victims, and the impact on children in a violent home.

Deception Detection

Working with offenders requires special skill in understanding and rooting out deception during interviews and interrogations.  At the same time, working with interpersonal violence requires the interviewer to understand the impact of trauma and violence on a victim's interview behavior and why standard "deception" behaviors are not indicative of deception.  This training gives practical tips and ways to identify and interpret interview behavior, both verbal and non-verbal.  


Counterintuitive Victim Behavior

Victims are typically judged and scrutinized for their behaviors and choices before, during, and after intimate violence.  The offenders rely on the victim behaviors that seem "counter" to common sense to provide "proof" that the assault did not occur.  This training explores and explains victim behavior and the offender's influence on the victim and community.


Other Topics

The Clinical Staff, including Dr. Valliere and Dr. Beckwith at Valliere & Counseling Associates are available to offer trainings in other arenas as well -


  • Risk Assessment of Violent Offenders

  • Community Supervision of Violent Offenders

  • Juvenile Sexual Offenders

  • Interviewing and Assessment Techniques

  • Trauma Bonding and Sexual Abuse

  • Child Physical and Sexual Abuse

  • Alcohol and Decision Making

  • Violence and Mental Illness

  • Compulsive Sexual Internet Use

  • Non-Offending Parent Treatment and Intervention.


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