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Parenting at Risk


Parenting is complicated, as is protecting children.  Often, the risks to children and challenges to parenting safely and appropriately are multi-faceted.  To address only the singular issues is short-sighted and does not minimize the risks that the children face.

In order to combat maltreatment of children in a comprehensive way, Valliere & Counseling Associates has developed the “Parenting at Risk” program.  This program is designed to address any issue presented by a parent that may place the child or children in question at risk for abuse, maltreatment, or neglect.  These issues may include a parent’s risk for –


  • Violence

  • Sexual Assault

  • Drug Endangerment

  • Medical Abuse

  • Neglect (physical, medical, or psychological)

  • Abuse (physical or emotional/psychological)

  • Failure to protect

  • Limited or compromised parenting skills or functioning       

There are many factors that can cause or contribute to a parent’s risk to their child.  Personality factors, problematic beliefs about children and parenting, drug or alcohol addiction, deviance and criminality, trauma, cognitive limitations, and skill deficits can be present, alone or in combination, to make parenting dangerous, inadequate, or damaging to the children who rely on the adult.  This program aims to evaluate, identify, and address all the arenas involved for the parent and child to provide the best, most complete way to improve the quality of the relationship and caregiving for the parent to the children.   


The links below provide program descriptions, costs, and goals.  Clients can be self-referred or referred through attorneys, the Court, or other agencies. 








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