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Forensic Treatment Services

Forensic Treatment Services offers evaluation, assessment, and treatment for individuals who have committed interpersonal violence, including sexual offenses, intimate violence, child abuse, or community violence.  Adults and adolescents are included.  Services include:  individual and group therapy, forensic evaluations and testing, risk assessment, psychosexual evaluations, polygraph testing, family reunification and therapy, expert testimony, and clinical consultation.  
Offenders present difficult and complicated issues in treatment and management.  Unfortunately, if treatment is not effective at addressing and managing the client's violent or deviant behavior, the community is at risk.  Often, too, they present complex, intricate systems of denial, minimization, rationalization, and justification that needs to be addressed directly and extensively.  
     Forensic Model

Forensic therapy differs from traditional treatment.  In many ways, the community is considered the client and safety is the primary goal.  There is an emphasis on management and collaboration with other agencies.  This model takes into account deception and the need to verify information, through collateral sources and sometimes through polygraph testing.  Treatment is driven by the needs and safety of victims, not the comfort of the offender.  Behavior, choices, and accountability is the focus, not discovering why, though these issues, as well as family of origin issues are addressed secondary to deviant behaviors or character traits.  The model requires adherence to rules and protocols to decrease the risk of reoffense.

Sexual Offender Treatment

Therapy focuses on addressing the cognitive distortions, deviant arousal patterns and behaviors that reinforce them, and self-management skills necessary to decrease risk and prevent reoffense.  Both group and individual therapy are used.  Additionally, clients will receive polygraph testing, including sexual history polygraphs and maintenance/monitoring polygraphs.  Some clients might be eligible for funding.  Clients agree to a number of rules and restrictions that can be modified as the client progresses and attains self-management skills.  Family reunification is provided following a thorough evaluation of risk, a period of behavioral stability, and presence of family and/or victim willingness.

V.I.P.E.R. Program
Violence Intervention, Prevention, Education, and Responsibilty Program

The V.I.P.E.R. program is a violence intervention program developed specifically by Dr. Valliere and the clinical staff.  It is a 26 lesson program that lasts approximately 8 - 12 months, depending on the needs of the client.  The beliefs and values that promote violence will be addressed, as well as the impact of violence on the victims and children.  Accountability and non-violence are cornerstones of the program.  Distortions in thinking and perceptions, as well as attitudes of entitlement and ownership are confronted throughout treatment, grounded in the premise that violence is facilitated by the ideas that violence is acceptable and the victims deserve it in some way.  

Consultation and Training

Forensic Treatment Services clinical staff provide consultation and training on a variety of issues, including the treatment, evaluation, and supervision of violent offenders.  Consultation can be made on-site and include staff training at your facility.  On-going consultation and supervision services can be provided as well.  

Forensic Evaluations

FTS can provide an array of evaluation and assessment services.  These include:

  • Sexual Offender Evaluations, including polygraph and arousal testing

  • Risk Assessment for Reoffense for Violent and Sexual Offenders

  • Child Custody with Abuse Allegations

  • Sexually Aggressive Youth and Psychosexual Assessments

  • Violent Offender Assessment

  • Psychological Evaluations - personality and cognitive functioning

  • Competency Evaluations

  • Child Abuse Risk Assessments

  • Protective Capacity Evaluations


Download our program brochures, including programs offered not listed above.

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