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Our agency offers a wide array of evaluations, both clinical and forensic, to answer a number of referral issues.  These evaluations might serve to answer questions for the court, assess risk of recidivism, provide treatment recommendations, or give diagnoses.  Our clinical team is trained in numerous assessment toolsand instruments that provide a more in-depth assessment of functioning, risk, trauma, or other issues impacting individuals.  The types of evaluations include:

  • Offender evaluations 

  • Parenting at Risk Evaluations (protective capacity, child abuse, neglect, serious mental injury)

  • Personality and Cognitive Assessments

  • Trauma and Serious Mental Injury evaluations

  • Sexually Aggressive Youth evaluations

  • Evaluation of victims and impact of trauma (child and adult)

  • Reunification Readiness Evaluations

  • Custody evaluations when abuse is alleged

  • Competency Evaluations

  • and more!

The tools below outline what types of evaluations are available, what is performed in each evaluation, the cost, and the referral questions answers.  

What kind of evaluation do I need?

A spread sheet that outlines all the types of evaluations and what they include.

Forensic Evaluations Brochure

A brochure describing our evaluations and agency 

Evaluation Referral Form

For agencies making referrals to identify their needs

Evaluation Intake Packet

Downloadable intake packet to complete prior to client appointment

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