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Veronique N. Valliere, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology • 


Dr. Valliere has been used to assist  in jury selection, voir dire, cross examination of defendants, assessment of rehabilitation potential, interviewing and preparing victims for trial, and testimony at sentencing.  She has consulted with defense teams regarding defendant rehabilitation potential and criminal culpability, as well as trial strategy.  She has performed competency evaluations and has evaluated juveniles for certification hearings.  

Dr. Valliere has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University.  She has over 25 years of experience in the field, working with violent offenders and their victims, including interpersonal violence and sexual assault.  She also serves on the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board and has been reappointed continuously since 1997.  She has trained nationally and internationally for the US military, Canadian law enforcement and Crown Prosecutors, the FBI, DOJ, and DOD.  Dr. Valliere has consulted for the US Army, US Marines, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, Amber Alert, and the Philadelphia Archdiocese.  She has appeared on television and radio speaking about violence, has testified in front of two Congressional subcommittees, and has been interviewed for major popular publications like New York TimesSelf, People, and Good Housekeeping.  She has appeared on national news, like CBS and PBS, as well as used as an expert in Commonwealth v. William Cosby.  



Dr. Valliere has been involved in a number of criminal and civil cases, presenting testimony deemed highly effective at helping juries to understand victim behavior, offender dynamics, and the impact of trauma.  Here are links to some court cases:  


Dr. Valliere at Pennsylvania Governor Corbett's signing of a new law that allows experts to testify about victim behaviors.  She testified multiple times in support of this law to the Pennsylvania Legislature.


Dr. Valliere has been invited to testify in front of Pennsylvania and US Legislature on sexual violence.  She has also spoken in front of committees for the Department of Defense for creating policies about sexual assault at the military acadamies.

April 10, 2015 - Testimony for the Judicial Proceedings Panel, Washington, DC


"My jury just came back guilty on everything! They told me they loved you and learned so much. They were grateful you were there and so was I. Thank you so much. What a great day."

Kate Kohler, Assistant District Attorney, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Tedx LehighRiver:

"Sexual Assault and the V Word"

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